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The CCA Difference

The academic program at Central Carolina Academy (CCA) will be under the leadership of Dr. John Eldridge, Superintendent of Chatham Charter School and CCA, and Greg Batten, Lead Administrator at CCA. 

Central Carolina Academy will address the intellectual needs of middle and high school students based on the proven success of Chatham Charter School which is known for its rigor and resources for student progress and achievement.

Central Carolina Academy will teach its students at high levels and will provide support for the North Carolina Career and College Promise (CCP) through a partnership with Central Carolina Community College. It will be essential for staff to build a solid learning foundation for students beginning in middle school so they can be well prepared for the CCP as juniors and seniors.

Teachers will work together in vertical teams to ensure the curriculum is building so the rigor and resources continue to meet students where they are emotionally and academically. The ninth and tenth grade years focus on students completing all math courses required for high school graduation along with a majority of other core courses and two units of a world language. Extra tutoring time and seminars for certain grade levels that teach skills are additional elements of the Chatham Charter model that Central Carolina Academy will adopt.

Students who work diligently, take advantage of resources, are willing to develop resiliency through challenges, and work to hone the skills of the “unwritten curriculum” (skills such as good study habits, time management, organization, tenacity, and self-motivation) will be successful at Central Carolina Academy. CCA’s academic goal by high school graduation is that the majority of students complete CCP Pathways and earn transferable college credits. Forming collaborations with area businesses to explore internship opportunities is also a goal area.

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