Career & College Promise

Class of 2025

Eleventh graders have begun to take college level courses through the NC Career and College Promise in partnership with Central Carolina Community College. The state program allows juniors and seniors in high school to take tuition-free college courses while also completing some state high school graduation requirements. The dual credit courses allow students to earn college credits and high school credits simultaneously. While taking one or more college level courses, upperclassmen also have some traditional high school courses.

The Career & College Promise (CCP) has a prescribed set of courses available in College Transfer as well as Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways. The courses each student takes is matched with their academic progress, post-secondary plans, and career fields in which they may have an interest. Course formats are seated (in person), hybrid (mixture of in person and online), or online.

Central Carolina Academy’s goal is for its students to maximize offerings in the NC Career and College Promise. As a result, graduates will be better prepared for college, the skilled workforce, or the military. The “unwritten curriculum” builds important skills needed for success and align with the “durable skills” in North Carolina’s Portrait of a Graduate competencies. The “durable skills” are:

  • Adaptability  
  • Collaboration
  • Communication  
  • Critical Thinking  
  • Empathy  
  • Learner’s Mindset
  • Personal Responsibility 
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