First College Tour


The CCA tenth graders were introduced to academic opportunities that will be available to them as upperclassmen during a visit to Central Carolina Community College on Wednesday, September 21. The students will take classes as juniors and seniors through a partnership with CCCC in a state program called the NC Career and College Promise. The campus tour included visiting programs in Health Sciences, Applied Technologies, and Professional Services. The students also made the most of the chance to talk with CCCC staff.

This was the first time many of the CCA students had been on the campus where they will take college courses in the coming years. The sophomores mentioned several things that made strong impressions on them after visiting the Sanford campus. They included:

• Simulation in the Health Sciences laboratory and how realistic the hands-on work is;

• The low student to teacher ratios in many programs; and

• That services are offered to the public in programs such as dental and cosmetology and a pet adoption option in vet tech.

“The visit was very energizing and motivating for the students to see the options for the future and to learn that they will be able to tailor areas of study to their interests. We also appreciate the positive feedback our group received from the CCCC staff,” commented College Liaison Heather Azzu.