Grant Helps Science

chem class

This school year Darlene McDowell, a high school Biology and Chemistry teacher, received a $1,200 Bright Ideas Education Grant for instructional resources. As a result, her students have access to expanded lessons and materials such as subscriptions to Scholastic Science World, interactive games and charts from NewPath Learning, and access to the game platform Gimkit. The materials purchased through the grant funding reinforce course content in fun ways. Mrs. McDowell sets up classroom stations on Fridays to review content for the week and uses the supplemental items.

Biology students particularly enjoyed the cells and organelles game in the second unit of the course. The competition involved kept them highly engaged and helped them better retain the unit concepts. The monthly Scholastic Science World magazines are helpful for Chemistry students. On Valentine’s Day each student in the class created a Valentine’s card related to Chemistry and, using an article, video, and Google Slide from the magazine resources, also learned about the chemistry of chocolate. Leading up to Easter, they will delve into the chemistry behind Peeps.

“My students and I have appreciated having access to these amazing resources through the Bright Ideas Grant in addition to our regular instructional materials. We’ll be able to utilize them in years to come, too,” said Mrs. McDowell.

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