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Topics of Interest to CCA Students & Parents


The academic program at CCA will be focused on preparing students for the NC Career and College Promise program (as upperclassmen) along with potential apprenticeships and internships. Each student’s schedule will be based on that preparation and the transcript they bring to CCA.

PowerSchool and Canvas

PowerSchool is our Student Information System (SIS) and Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS). Below is a functions list for each system.


    • Attendance
    • Historical Grades
    • Transcripts
    • Demographics
    • Course
    • Schedules
    • Report Cards
    • Enrollment


    • Assignments
    • Discussions
    • Announcements
    • Assessments
    • Grades
    • Calendar
    • Learning tools


CCA Athletics will partner with area organizations to host athletic events (practices, games, and matches) until the school can have its own facilities. Coordinators will make every effort to meet the athletic interests of the student body.

Dress Code

Students will be expected to be dressed in an appropriate, non-distracting way. CCA will not have uniforms. (Additional details is in the student handbook.)


The school will contract with a vendor for the CCA lunch program for the first part of the school year. Administration is applying for CCA to join the National School Lunch Program.

School Day

School Year Calendar

During the first year, middle and high school grades will have the same starting (8:00 a.m.) and ending time (3:00 p.m.).


The currently scheduled bus pick-up and drop-off sites are:

1)  Dollar General in Swanns Station.  Corner of Swanns Station Rd and Highway 87;

2)  Wink Mart on Deep River Road; and

3)  Piggly Wiggly in Broadway. 

Buses will leave each stop at 7:15 AM to return to campus. Riders should plan to arrive at their stop at 7:00 AM each day.  Drop-off will be at 3:30 PM at each stop.  The school does not plan to have individual stops.

Contact Frank Thompson ( for additional information.