Special Science Experience


A partnership with CCCC will provide resources for literary, STEM, and cultural enrichments in some CCA science classes during the upcoming school year. Darlene McDowell, who teaches high school Biology and Chemistry, took advantage of the opportunity offered by the Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) Academic and Cultural Enrichment Series (ACES). The program serves the wider community with scholarly and artistic resources and experiences free of charge to select organizations and causes. CCA will be one of our two school partners during the 2024-2025 school year. 

“ACES is providing you a class set (25 copies) of the moving memoir The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by Malawian scientist, author, and environmental advocate William Kamkwamba. The second dimension of this project is to offer your classroom a presentation on Malawi culture from a pair of CCCC faculty members representing the humanities and social sciences,” explained Bianca Stumpf, Coordinator of Academic & Cultural Enrichment Series at CCCC.

Ms. McDowell also received a Bright Ideas grant last school year that she used to purchase additional instructional materials.

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