The Arts at CCA


The Arts Education program at Central Carolina Academy is in its early stages, but thriving through the energy of teachers and excitement of students.

March was an exciting time for lots of reasons: spring sports are back in action, warmer weather, longer days, March Madness, etc. For students across the nation, March is a time to celebrate the arts with the recognition of Music In Our Schools Month. Do you have a favorite band? An early memory of music? Perhaps you can play an instrument, can read sheet music, or have the confidence to hit up your local karaoke night! In no small way, all of these things are possible in part by the music educators in your life – formal or informal. Your music teachers, your church’s song leader, a band director, the radio station your parents listened to, etc. 

At CCA, we are just starting to scrape the surface of music and its possibilities. For the first time, we are offering a high school level music appreciation course: covering genres, cultures, and theories of music. Next year we hope to encourage even more participation by offering more music electives. To honor this month’s festivities, I put together a school wide March Music Madness bracket. Each day, during first period, students voted on their favorite song, and by the end of the month, they had a champion. They also used the month to learn more about their teachers. I compiled a “Guess Who” game, and over 30 staff members submitted entries so every day students engage in discussions of what teacher matches up to certain favorite songs, history of band/choir, and first/most recent concerts! It was great hearing all the chatter, and remembering music connects us all.

Our arts program consists of learning skills and techniques associated in art, as well as the introduction of genres of art and artists. We learn to understand the movements and style within each genre and how it applies to our culture of today. We explore everything from prehistoric art to surrealism and more. Students are encouraged to critique and analyze the art around them, as well as their own. We encourage personal creativity and individuality in each of our lessons. Students enjoy using clay, wood, wire, textiles, paint and more.

Three levels of high school theatre arts courses are currently offered at CCA. In addition to classes, the school offers a drama club in which middle and high school students can participate. Read more about the the 2024 spring production of five Greek Classics here.

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